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Ariana Cassar

Executive Director, Malta

Why now is the time for a career in Compliance?

Compliance was once seen as the ‘business prevention unit’, however here at Aspida from our very origins we have seen compliance as a business enabler and our practical and pragmatic tagline has become even more prevalent in recent years.

As you ponder your first career step there has never been a better time to consider compliance than today.

There are at least five good reasons:

  • Profile and exposure to decision makers – as a compliance and risk professional you will very quickly have the ear of senior decision makers within your employer and directly with clients.  Used appropriately something you will learn very quickly form choosing the right training programme, you can make your mark as somebody that highlights the risks within the business but equally shows how, done properly, the business can be successful.
  • Critical roles and responsibility – compliance and anti-money laundering roles are prescribed, that is to say that your licensed employer needs to have suitable individuals fulfilling these roles.
  • Compliance and risk roles are future proofed; whilst technology will increasingly feature within these areas, this simply enables the more mundane elements of compliance to be done by artificial intelligence driven platforms, allowing individuals such as yourself to provide the value added advice that will for many years to come be difficult for computers to deliver.
  • As a consultant in businesses such as Aspida, where you are supporting a small portfolio of varied clients and tasks from investment funds to fiduciary,  corporate services to pensions you have the added benefit of avoiding some of the more mundane elements that might come from working within a single business. 
  • In addition, compliance roles can be suited to individuals with non-traditional backgrounds.

Here at Aspida Group, we recognised the importance of ensuring trainees receive the right background and start in their career with the introduction of our Trainee Development Programme to give individuals the opportunity to develop both their technical skills and focus in their personal development in the wider business arena.

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