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The Intersection of Technology and Regulation

Technology now plays a crucial role in solving Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) challenges by providing tools that can streamline processes, enhance data analysis, and improve decision-making. Here are some ways technology is being used to address GRC problems:

  • Centralising Data: GRC technology platforms centralise data from different departments, breaking down silos and providing a single source of truth.
  • Comprehensive Frameworks: Developing flexible and comprehensive GRC frameworks helps businesses adapt to evolving opportunities and regulations.
  • Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability: Implementing a GRC management tool enhances transparency, efficiency, and accountability by providing insight into risk management processes, enabling tracking of compliance with rules and regulations, and fostering collaboration among teams for a unified approach.
  • Full Customisation: Modern GRC tools offer a fully customisable approach. Organisations can identify, measure, and remediate risks across the business while ensuring compliance.
  • 24/7 Automation: GRC tools stay up to date with regulations. They track obligations, flag compliance gaps, and automate actions through flexible workflows. This boosts productivity and minimises human error.
  • Complete Visibility & Management: Unlike spreadsheets, compliance tools facilitate collaboration among all parties involved. Integrated task management allows tracking compliance activities, setting deadlines, and monitoring progress in an auditable format.
  • Real-time Reporting & Monitoring: Dynamic dashboards and reporting capabilities provide timely insights into operations and compliance standings. Businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions without delays.

Organisations can enhance their GRC management by integrating AI, shaping the future for efficiency and regulatory compliance. AI tools forecast events, understand trends, and anticipate occurrences by analysing massive volumes of data. Machine learning identifies patterns in risk events and recommends effective controls.

Our industry leading GRC platform, Resolver by Aspida, empowers organisations with efficient risk management, compliance, and audit capabilities. Some key features and benefits are as follows:

Advanced Governance, Risk & Compliance Management:
> Streamline your GRC processes with Resolver’s agile, integrated, cloud-based software solutions.
> Maximise efficiency with dynamic enterprise risk management software, robust regulatory compliance management tools, and insightful risk intelligence analytics unified on a single platform.
> Achieve a 327% ROI, as reported in Forrester’s TEI Study of Resolver.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):
> Connect risks to reality by gaining a multi-dimensional view of your risk landscape and control efficacy.
> Deliver simple yet comprehensive reports for data-informed strategies that proactively enhance enterprise resilience.
> Experience a 95% boost to executive reporting efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance:
> Streamline regulatory processes and achieve a 75% improvement in compliance testing efficiency.
> Monitor, analyse, and act on regulatory changes with agility to stay ahead of the curve.
> Empower your teams with insightful analytics, turning compliance into a strategic asset.

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