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Driving your business forward by providing assurance over controls, systems and processes

An organisation’s control environment should be seen as being among the most important aspects of any successful risk assurance strategy. Businesses must develop strong safeguards that limit their exposure to threats, while simultaneously ensuring operational efficiency and delivering confidence to key stakeholders.

The integration of a culture of risk management as a discipline of good corporate governance is integral to lasting corporate success.  This involves an in-depth understanding of the priority and importance of actions within your business, that cascade to individual responsibilities in the management of risk, and how those activities align to your long-term goals.  What good looks like – Workable methodologies that drive practical solutions for your organisation, striking the right balance between controls and efficiency to enhance performance.

Assurance services we offer

We’re here to help you develop effective internal audit and risk management functions. We can also improve your ability to identify the risks and manage their interdependencies and minimise those that might threaten your business and undermine growth.

Our support is built around a clear understanding of the interconnections between the ‘lines of defence’ and how to optimise them. As a result, we can help you to turn each function – internal audit through assurance over controls; risk management of goals and objectives; and the testing and monitoring of conduct and compliance – into a strategic asset and performance driver.

How we can help:

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