Tina Torode

Tina Torode

Head of Corporate Governance

With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, I’ve traversed diverse landscapes of the finance industry across the UK, Guernsey, and Jersey. My journey includes holding the pivotal role of Company Secretary for a spectrum of investment companies listed on various stock exchanges, alongside occupying prescribed positions such as Director, Compliance Officer, and MLRO in Guernsey and Jersey. My expertise extends to overseeing business operations in the USA, Ireland, Russia, and Monaco, amplifying my global perspective on boardroom dynamics.

My affiliation with the Institute of Directors underscores my commitment to professional excellence and my dedication to the promoting good corporate governance across all sectors, remains unwavering.

A passion for nurturing both seasoned and emerging directors fuels my involvement in founding The NED Forum. This initiative not only provides frequent training and networking opportunities but also extends its reach beyond. I actively bridge the gap between the NED Development Programme and NED Forum, facilitating a cohesive platform for professional growth and networking.

My tenure at Aspida Group has a strategic focus on providing board advisory services. This encompasses conducting Board Performance Reviews and offering guidance and implementation on Corporate Governance Frameworks. My advisory spectrum spans diverse sectors, including regulated financial services, charities, renewable energy, water utilities, medical, property, investments, gemstones, and mining. I’ve collaborated closely with companies adopting various Codes of Corporate Governance, including the Kings IV Code, FRC, AIC, Guernsey Finance Sector Code of Corporate Governance, and OFWAT. Many of the clients I’ve served are listed on multiple stock exchanges.

My mission revolves around elevating corporate governance practices, fostering directorial talent, and driving excellence across diverse industries.

Tina’s Linked In Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-torode-5052b039

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