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Aspida offers a one stop shop solution, providing your business with the substance it needs to establish in Guernsey.

Strategy, Start Up and Incubation​

Whether you are an established business wishing to relocate to an offshore jurisdiction, or a start up looking to establish in an environment conducive and protective of growing businesses, Aspida is able to offer a full consultancy and execution service including:

Business Strategy

You have a vision for your business, we can help define, develop and execute the strategy which will help you achieve it.

Using our extensive experience and knowledge of running successful businesses we are able to assist organisations with their approach and future direction. We can help determine the appropriate strategy for your business model or suggest a new business model / acquisition targets and assist in any restructuring or deals.

Our services in this area include (but are not limited to):

  • Development of business strategy / business plans
  • Advice and solutions to help you with formulate and deliver on strategy in specific business disciplines (i.e. Marketing, HR,Technology)
  • Health checks of core business areas
  • Reviewing, developing and implementing policies, processes and procedures (including staff training)

  • Undertaking reviews to give assurance that any third party partners or outsourced providers are undertaking the duties and activities as laid down by regulations or in agreements
  • Forensic accounting

  • Researching and identifying new acquisition targets, conducting due diligence on prospective acquisitions and managing and facilitating the deal process

Business Start-up

Starting from scratch or forming a new company, structure or venture within an existing group, we can help you get up and running in a number of ways.

The team at Aspida Group have extensive experience in assisting fund managers, trust companies and other businesses establish in international offshore jurisdictions. We provide a tailored approach which is as extensive as required. We work with your existing advisors to ensure the smooth start-up of your operation.

Some of the activities that we undertake include:

  • Providing assistance on regulatory applications
  • Creating policies and procedures

  • Sourcing office facilities
  • Assisting with sourcing office equipment (in conjunction with local providers)

  • Assisting recruitment, retention and training to help you find, keep and develop key personnel and/or directors

  • Marketing advisory – including brand development, launch strategies and marketing planning

Business Incubation

Setting up a presence in Guernsey, whether licenced by the GFSC or not, can seem a daunting prospect.

Our Incubation Service though, provides the substance you need without the investment in time and capital that would otherwise be required.

Our innovative service provides you with a turn-key solution to achieve a presence with all the substance needed to satisfy regulatory and tax authorities. We achieve this by providing you with the board members and supporting staff commensurate with the operations of the company. These personnel are experts in their respective field.

The company then outsources such functions as required back to your Group operations whilst retaining the important mind and management duties back in the home jurisdiction. Substance is key, thus aspects of business risk, prudential risk, and cyber risk management, along with proper oversight of outsourced functions all tend to be managed by our teams.

Aspida’s unique incubation service gives you a presence without having to set up your own office space and employ your own staff. We can manage and run the whole licence application process (if required) which together removes a large amount of the capital and time investment for your business to set up an office in a new jurisdiction.

Licensee Management​

A one-stop shop solution, providing your business with the substance it needs.

Substance Provision to Licenced Entities in Guernsey

Aspida’s team of experienced and expert personnel are able to give meaningful substance to entities in Guernsey, both those Licenced by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and those that do not need a Licence. Our staff manage all of the Guernsey based requirements of the entity, be it Prudential and Financial Crime Risk Management, Regulatory Reporting, FATCA / CRS submissions, oversight of outsourced functions, and Investment Management – we give the entity the presence it requires. Our innovative model provides a turnkey solution to having a business set up and running in Guernsey at a fraction of the cost of a “feet-on-the–ground” operation, whilst meeting the Substance Legislation. Whatever the type of entity, Aspida delivers the substance your company needs.

Oversight Support

From performing the oversight role of a custodian to overseeing the valuation processes of an outsourced administrator, Aspida may just be the solution you are looking for. We can take the tasks off your hands and perform the oversight functions on your behalf.

Guernsey Green Fund Certification and the TISE Green Sector

Aspida Group can act as Route 1 Certifiers to Guernsey Green Funds where an independent review of the Fund is desired.

Family Office​

Helping you safeguard your wealth – and the wealth of future generations.

Family office work requires multi-discipline skills; knowledge of trust and company work, investment management skills, and the ability to deliver a friendly and personal service to the family. Aspida Group, with our ability to work in all aspects of the financial services industry, is ideally placed to work with you and your family to run and support your business. Whether the requirement is for a simple trust, or a more complex structure including multi-jurisdictional companies, different companies with different purposes, and licenced entities, Aspida Group can provide the support you need.. All of which are wrapped together with a personalised service designed around your unique requirements.

Our services in this area include (but are not limited to):

  • Executive and Non-Executive Directors
  • Reviewing, developing and implementing policies, processes and procedures (including staff training)

  • Managing Bank Accounts
  • Reviewing And Approving Company Activity
  • FACTA and CRS Reporting
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Economic Substance – the practical steps you can take to comply

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