Greenwashing and the impact on the fund management industry

Broadcast Thursday 20th May 10am – 10.45am GMT

Greenwashing is the misrepresentation of investment products that makes them appear more environmentally sound than they are making investors believe that an Impact investment manager and its products are doing more to protect the environment than they really are.

So, what should investors be looking look out for, in determining if an investment manager Impact credentials are genuine and what new legislation is being introduced to combat Greenwashing?

The Panel
Aspida’s Business Development Consultant Stephen Cuddihee, Relationship Director Richard Bray, will be joined by Ajit Dayal, and members from Quantum Advisors Private Limited.

Quantum is an Indian Fund Manager which has been applying ESG and sustainability principles in investee selection since 2014 and an integrity screen since 1996. Quantum will consider not only the impact of Greenwashing but also how they have applied and incorporated their Sustainable principles into their fund management business.

The panel gives their expert insights and also take any questions from delegates.

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