Goodbye Active Optimus, Hello Aspida.

With the Active Optimus merger complete, it’s time for a new look and new vision for Guernsey’s leading holistic provider of compliance, risk and business advisory solutions.

The start of Autumn, and a new dawn for the group formerly known as Active Optimus. With the merger completed in 2018 of the respective Active and Optimus Groups, and all Guernsey personnel now working alongside each other in their Le Bordage offices, it’s time for a new look, and new vision for the group.

Starting with the brand itself, the Group has chosen a name evocative of the services and solutions it provides to clients globally. Aspida, a Greek word for ‘shield’, was chosen (after consultation with staff and other stakeholders) to reflect the protective and defensive element of the work the group does, and the solutions it provides in Compliance and Risk Management, Board Advisory and Hosted Services. The logo similarly is based on a classic shield design.

The shade of green was chosen to reflect growth, with the strapline of the brand clearly setting out the ethos of the relationship it strives to have with clients – ‘your partner in protecting and growing your business’.

Joint Chairman, Wayne Bulpitt, comments:

“The fundamental focus of the services and products we offer is to help clients define, mitigate and manage risk, whilst they focus on growth and development. In our new brand name we reflect the shielding element of our Compliance and Risk Management solutions, and in our choice of brand colour (for growth) we reflect our Business Advisory and Hosting role in helping businesses cultivate and grow a successful business.”

A new vision and set of corporate values has also been created – again, shaped with feedback from staff, clients and wider stakeholders. Mr Bulpitt continues:

“Our vision and ambition is clear – to be the leading support and advisory service to global business, offering robust yet innovative solutions to support growth, whilst helping to manage risk. And I’m confident we’re best placed to achieve that vision, given our unique ability to provide clients with a one stop advisor for businesses not only looking to establish in the CI and Malta but also a number of other offshore jurisdictions worldwide.”

The core values of Aspida continue to evoke the unique span of services, ethos and approach the brand has:

  • Agility – As your business evolves and grows, you need a partner who can act smartly and swiftly with you – and for you.
  • Collaborative – Working across teams and jurisdictions, and partnering with other professional advisors and wider stakeholders, we can provide an expansive and well informed range of solutions.
  • Thought Leadership – Aspida is at the forefront of providing innovative and effective solutions for complex business challenges.
  • Trusted – Open and honest, ethical and transparent, we believe that trust is at the heart of strong and lasting relationships

But a new look is not all you can expect from the group in coming months. The team is also working on a major tech project that will revolutionise not only the company’s own provision, but also corporate fiduciary provision offshore as a whole.

Joint Chairman, Peter Mills, comments:

“Watch this space, whilst others are only just starting to think about what Reg Tech solutions they can provide to clients and how technology can both help mitigate risk and deliver better service, Aspida is already living up to its agility and thought leadership values – and we’ll shortly be launching something here so ahead of the curve, it’s not even on other provider’s horizons yet.”

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