Gavins top tips

A growing number of #TeamAspida are continuing to to cycle to work so we asked our Operations Manager, Gavin, to share his experiences and top tips. He writes;

“With the changing season, it isn’t nice to drive in the adverse weather let alone cycle. With the early morning commute, there are a number of challenges that I face on a daily basis:

Food caddy’s/bin bags/glass recycling bags – These are usually littered across the roads especially early in the morning and often jump out on you when you least expect them to. It would be great if those putting them out could do so securely.

Lights/reflective clothing – Make sure these are working and you are appropriately dressed, there are still too many people I see on a daily basis without lights. People often think that they don’t need them because “it’s not that dark” but it does help other road users see them. I generally use them every morning at the moment due to it being overcast. Use them, it does no harm!

Debris – Again, there are a lot of leaves, branches, gravel which has swept or blown out of driveways and with heavy rain spread across the road. Take it easy when approaching corners, always make sure you look ahead and give yourself time to make a manoeuvre should you need to.

With these in mind, I would make a big ask to drivers to be careful when overtaking, give enough room and ensure you have enough time to make the manoeuvre if you are overtaking….us cyclists have a number of challenges, small tyres and not much protection should we fall off…”

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