Cyber Resilience

Cyber security, data privacy and operational resilience

An increasing number of businesses have moved to digital business models, often moving vast volumes of ‘big data’ to the Cloud and embracing hybrid-working models in order to operate more efficiently and competitively.

As part of your business digital transformation, you may have moved to a Cloud environment, adopting various cloud services such as Internet as a Service (“IaaS”), Platform as a Service (“PaaS”), Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and Desktop as a Service (“DaaS”). Businesses will often appoint a third-party Cloud Service Provider (“CSP”) to provide various levels Information Technology Managed Services. Such appointments can assist greatly in improving business efficiency and reduce expenditure required for own software and hardware resources.

Whilst moving to a digital business model and embracing cloud computing technology can bring many benefits to a business, there are some significant cyber security risks.

In developing your businesses digital strategy, you must carefully consider new and emerging threats and risks that are relevant to your business and its related technologies. Creating and developing a secure digital environment is not only about tactical and short-term technical solutions, but also about ensuring the right security governance is in place, and ongoing effective training of employees to be able to detect cyber incidents and ensuring your business is able to adequately respond and recover.

We are able to assist your business in ensuring that you continue to monitor and develop your cyber security programme in line with your strategic objectives and risk appetite.

We can efficiently report on ongoing compliance with the GFSC Cyber Security Rules and Guidance, 2021. Our software can also efficiently cross-map and report on compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the NCSC cyber security and resilience principles.

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