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Sarah Sarre

Sarah Sarre

Head of Operations & Cyber Security

Cyber security and resiliency

The Pandemic has accelerated businesses move to digital business models often moving vast volumes of ‘big data’ to the Cloud and embracing hybrid-working models in order to operate more efficiently and competitively.

The speed of the digital transformation has opened up many businesses to new cyber security risks due to the complexity of technology that has been implemented, the lack of knowledge and awareness particularly where reliance is placed upon Cloud Services Providers (“CSPs”).  As part of your business digital transformation, you will likely have moved to a Cloud environment, adopting various Cloud services such as Internet as a Service (“IaaS”), Platform as a Services (“PaaS”), Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and Desktop as a Service (“DaaS”) often through the use of a CSP which may provide additional levels of Information Technology Managed Services.  Such appointments can assist greatly in improving business efficiency and reduce expenditure required for own software and hardware resources.

Whilst moving to a digital business model and embracing cloud technology can bring many benefits, Boards must ensure that they understand implications of digital technology, the risks associated with appointing CSPs and reliance placed upon them.  The cyber security risks relating to Cloud environments and the governance and risk management required to ensure that the business has a clear and effective cyber posture which identifies, understands, prioritises, communicates, trains and mitigates cyber security risks.

In developing your business digital strategy, you must carefully consider new and emerging threats and risks that are relevant to your business and its related technologies.  Creating and developing a secure digital environment is not only about tactical and short-term technical solutions, but also about ensuring that your key risks are identified and sufficiently mitigated and that you are able to demonstrate that your material assets are adequately protected.

We are able to assist your business in developing and implementing your cyber security programme in line with your strategic objectives and risk appetite.  Through our software we can efficiently map and report on compliance with the NIST cybersecurity framework  and the GFSC’s Cyber Rules and Guidance, 2021.

Our Head of Operations and Cyber Security, Sarah Sarre, is well known to our clients for assisting them develop effective policies, procedures & controls in order to meet their regulatory obligations. Some might not know that Sarah is a qualified Cyber Security Practitioner as well as a Certified Blockchain Expert. Sarah and her team are therefore uniquely placed to assist you navigate your existing regulatory challenges but also embrace and embed the new.

Get in touch with us if you require assistance in developing and implementing your cyber security programme on or call 01481 741900.

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