COVID-19 Announcement 26 March 20

Further to our previous announcement we wish to update you in relation to the circumstances in Guernsey and Malta and our approach at the current time.

Further to our previous announcement we wish to update you in relation to the circumstances in Guernsey and Malta and our approach at the current time.

The States of Guernsey issued an island-wide self-isolation requirement, with effect from 25th March 2020. The Maltese Government issued an island-wide ban on non-essential services and of mass gatherings, with effect from
23rd March 2020. A reminder that no travel to or from either island is permitted at this time.

These requirements have meant that we have fully enacted our business continuity plan and all staff are now operating from home. From an operational perspective, we are able to operate in ‘business as usual’ mode via our working from home arrangements. Our IT and telecommunications infrastructure allows us to operate seamlessly and securely wherever the team may be and all of our hosting environments are best-in-class data centres in multiple jurisdictions. The operation of our hosting environment is not dependent on any physical office facilities, as we are fully Cloud enabled. There is no disruption to service, although logistically some elements of our service may be slower. The regular telephone numbers that you contact our team on continue to operate and you can also contact them via other tools, e.g. Zoom. In relation to documents we recommend that you send them electronically, rather than post in order that they can be actioned swiftly.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our team and whilst we are operating from home we are regularly engaging with them through the various technologies available to us.

Without doubt, the next period will be challenging and we remain committed to maintain our services and
communication with you as events materialise. As mentioned before if you need further assistance at this time then please contact us to see what we can do to help. Further, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager

We continue to listen closely to the guidance of the authorities in Guernsey, Malta and in other regions and adjust our response to the rapidly evolving circumstances.

At this time there is no impact to your services to you, our customers, as a result of this situation. Should any events
occur that impact our services, we will notify you via the email address which received this notification.

Kind regards
Wayne and Peter

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