Calling all 2024 graduates in Guernsey…

Are you graduating this summer and still need to secure the first step in your career?

Still not sure which industry you want to work in, but know you want to stay in Guernsey?

Our 3 year trainee scheme provides you with the opportunity to try a number of careers before deciding which one you love and want to pursue. We offer a number of exciting areas such as.


A career in RegTech involves helping businesses identify and implement technology solutions to solve their problems and improve operations.

You’ll work closely with clients to understand their needs, design customised solutions, and ensure successful deployment.

This role combines technical expertise with strong communication skills.

If you enjoy problem-solving, working with technology, and collaborating with others, a career as a solutions consultant offers a dynamic and rewarding path.

Risk & Assurance

A career in risk and assurance involves identifying potential risks that could affect a company and ensuring there are strategies in place to manage these risks.

As a risk and assurance professional, you’ll assess financial, operational, and strategic risks, and provide recommendations to improve processes and safeguard the organisation.

If you enjoy analysing data, solving problems, and ensuring things run smoothly, this field offers a dynamic and impactful career path where you help organisations make informed decisions.

Cyber Resilience

A career in cyber resilience involves protecting organisations from cyber threats. As a cyber resilience specialist, you’ll develop strategies to defend against hacking, malware, and data breaches, and create plans to maintain operations during and after a cyber incident.

This field is perfect if you are interested in cybersecurity, problem-solving, and staying ahead of evolving digital threats.


A career in compliance involves making sure companies follow relevant laws and regulations. As a compliance officer, you’ll help businesses operate legally and ethically by monitoring their activities, conducting testing programmes, and developing policies.

You ensure they avoid fines and penalties, protect their reputation, and build trust with customers and regulators.

It’s a great field if you like problem-solving, attention to detail, and want to make a positive impact on a company’s operations and culture.

Internal Audit

A career in internal audit involves playing a crucial role in ensuring that organisations adhere to legal standards and operate efficiently. As an internal auditor, you’ll examine financial and operational business activities, review processes, and suggest improvements.

It’s like being a detective who helps the company stay on track, assess risks, and make better decisions.

If you enjoy analysing data, solving problems, and want to help businesses succeed, internal audit could be a great career for you.


A career in governance involves ensuring that organisations operate ethically, transparently, and in accordance with laws and regulations.

As a governance professional, you act as the organisational memory, ensuring compliance, maintaining ethical considerations, and advising on solutions. Their work is diverse, and no two days are the same, offering ample opportunities for personal and professional development across their careers.

If you have strong organisational skills, a keen eye for detail, and an interest in law and ethics, a governance career can be both challenging and rewarding.

Fiduciary & Fund administration

A career in trust and company services involves managing and administering trusts and companies on behalf of clients. This includes setting up and managing trusts, handling legal and financial paperwork, ensuring compliance with laws, and safeguarding assets.

A career in fund administration encompasses various responsibilities related to managing investment funds, ensuring compliance, fund accounting, and providing essential support to fund managers. .

If you’re organised, detail-oriented, and enjoy working with financial and legal concepts, this career can be rewarding and impactful.

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