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Compliance is necessary, why make it complicated?

Resolver by Aspida is an industry leading, multi-jurisdictional Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solution that empowers your organisation to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on work that is going to drive your business forward. Seamless integrations allow you to stay ahead of the game, and ensure you are always meeting your regulatory obligations.

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Never miss an obligation again

Resolver by Aspida enables in depth and ongoing testing with the peace of mind that it gives your business comprehensive coverage over the entire regulatory landscape to simplify and modernise the regulatory change process and take control of your compliance obligations. Resolver automates the identification of regulatory obligations and rule changes to ensure that you know what changes are made, when they are made.

Monitor your control environment in real-time to gain early indicators of compliance deficiencies and answer questions from regulators at the push of a button. Engage with your first line with easy-to-use software so that they can quickly provide you with the information you need and get on with their day. Gone are the days of long and tedious tasks. Automate processes, reduce risks, decrease compliance fatigue – Resolver by Aspida is both evolution and solution when it comes to the key GRC challenges you face.

Proactively incorporate Compliance into strategic decision making

Ensure the compliance team is consulted early and often on key strategic projects, by building an internal culture of continuous regulatory assessments and pro-active insights.

The strategic way to manage risk across the enterprise

Resolver connects risks to incidents, so that assessments of what could happen are linked to what did happen. With this connection you can quantify the impact of your risk mitigation plans, identify where your risk register has gaps, and conduct actionable risk assessments to hedge against emerging risks such as COVID-19.

An Integrated view of Risk Management

Effective risk management ties together all key business functions to help the risk team protect the organisation, but if a business has multiple business owners across various locations, collecting and analysing that data can be overwhelming. The software:

  • Enables risk managers to view all of their risks on a single platform.
  • Provide data-driven recommendations that can impact the bottom line.
  • Focus resources on the risks and controls that make the biggest impact on the organisation.

Key benefits of Resolver by Aspida are;

Prioritise your highest risk regulations

Not all regulations are applicable to your organisation. Not all compliance tasks and standards are equally important. Resolver by Aspida allows you to: • Define what is applicable and key to your business; • Confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management; • Reduce your exposure to risk, penalties and damage to your reputation; and • Prevent, detect and minimise risk of noncompliance as soon as it happens.

Gain organisation wide compliance oversight

How can you optimise your compliance monitoring programme without a complete, centralised view of requirements, controls, control testing and issues? • Combine your compliance information from spreadsheets and emails into a relationship visualisation of information; and • Be prepared for Board and GRC Committee meetings with meaningful dashboards.

Reduce compliance fatigue on the business

Your business is often inundated with information requests for controls that impact multiple requirements. Resolver by Aspida’s compliance management allows you to: • Link a single control to multiple regulations so you can reduce document request fatigue on the business; and • Engage your compliance team with step by step requirement assessment forms, clear guidelines for inherent and residual risk evaluation, controls documentation and evidence requests.

Prove compliance to regulators

Managing external compliance and regulatory visits is a necessary and cumbersome part of the compliance process. Our regulator-centric reports: • Provide assurance to the regulators and other external third parties that activities are in place to mitigate, measure, ensure, enforce and prove compliance of requirements within the business.

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Remediate Regulatory Issues

Ensure effective issue management by assigning clear accountability and aligning urgency and remediation timelines to risk tolerance.

Continuous Assessments

Our continuous model allows your organisation to asses risk and controls as the regulatory environment changes.

Powerful Visualisations

Show the business the value of what you do. Communicate compliance coverage, assessment completion, risk exposure to regulators as well as your risk committee and board of directors.

Timely Regulatory Alerts

Automate regulatory change management by providing real-time regulatory alerts.

Conduct Risk Assessments

Understand risk exposure by performing risk assessments to review legal and regulatory risks.

Integrated Control Library

Maintain a consistent and accurate library of controls across the organisation.

Testing and Monitoring

Leverage the output of a robust risk assessment process to drive testing prioritisation.

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Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. Boards of directors are responsible for the governance of their companies

Resolver by Aspida is cutting edge Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software that helps you easily organise, manage and keep up with regulatory requirements for efficient and comprehensive compliance

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