Aspida has enrolled in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award

Aspida has made an important step towards sustainability by enrolling in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award.

This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Aspida, where they will soon be able to expertly measure, manage, and minimise their environmental impact.

It’s wonderful to see more businesses take sustainability seriously. Well done Aspida!

Wayne Bulpitt, Aspida’s joint Chair “Having been recognised with the award of Community Champion earlier this year, we are delighted to extend this commitment to the environment in addition to our work already supporting Guernsey’s sustainable finance commitments. We are especially proud that a passionate team of staff have volunteered to lead this work”

Environmental Business Operations Award

ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Award is structured as an environmental management system that allows businesses of any sector or size to measure, manage, minimise, and continually improve its operational environmental footprint.

Achieving the Environmental Business Operations Award demonstrates to customers, staff, and business partners that the organisation:

  • is transitioning to a sustainable future through Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9, 11, 12 & 13;
  • is committed to reducing its impact on the planet;
  • actively plans its energy conservation, waste management, and procurement strategy;
  • raises staff awareness of the importance of environmental issues;
  • seeks improved ways of managing the organisation’s energy and waste.
    You can learn more about the Environmental Business Operations Award and how your business can get involved here.

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