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Jessica Regnard

Jessica Regnard

Business Analyst

The Aspida Green Appraisal Scheme

With COP 26 starting this weekend we are all too aware of the importance of sustainability but how can we as organisations help?

In the true sense of the word, sustainability means ‘the capacity to endure’. In business, that means for the long haul.

A sustainable business is one that functions whilst improving social and environmental conditions. This therefore includes what you do as well as how you do it. When it comes to sustainability, transparency of business conduct has long been a primary engine of improvement and will remain critical as the shared goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development movement continue to advance. Businesses- big and small, are essential actors in the journey to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is the moment for us all to take sustainability to the next level.

At Aspida we truly believe in living our vision and values and with ESG at the heart of who we are, we recently created and launched an Aspida Green Appraisal Scheme, tailored to our sustainability goals. The aim of our Green Appraisal Scheme is to include and encourage all Aspida colleagues on a sustainability journey aligned with our targets. It is a points system based upon the fundamental categories of the SDGs where staff can earn up to a day’s holiday in reward. This was structured by our in-house sustainability committee and benefits not only the staff and the environment but also helps the Company achieve its own vision by collating data along the way. The scheme captures all areas of the UN 17 SDGs but envelopes our local environment at heart.

We believe this is the first staff scheme of its type within our industry and we’re excited to see what positive changes it brings amongst colleagues that will be evidenced in the year end results subsequent to submissions.

We’ve already seen friendly staff competitions around travel to work, proving the Scheme has been successfully welcomed.

At the forefront of our ESG offering is our Climate Risk Assessment (CRA) for Guernsey companies, to assist directors to commence their ESG journey and more pressingly to assist them in complying with the new GFSC Guernsey Finance Sector Code of Corporate Governance requirement, which asks boards of companies to consider the impact of climate change on their strategy and risk profile and, where they judge it appropriate, make climate change related disclosures.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you on your sustainability journey.

Partnered with ESI Monitor.

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